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FATHOM™ pays for itself. The entire industry agrees that water prices are going up. Either due to water scarcity, power costs, treatment costs, infrastructure replacement, regulatory mandates – price is going up. Everyone also agrees that when water bills go up – everyone notices, utilities, city councils, regulators, residents, and businesses demand one thing in response. They want more data. Data to understand the price increase – Then data to manage the price increase. Utilities need more data to operate their utilities, manage leak-loss and ensure they are billing all their revenue. Customers need better data to understand their own consumption and ultimately manage their own behavior. FATHOM™ takes the massive volumes of data generated by state-of-the-art automated meter reading and billing systems and makes it useful for both utilities and their customers. FATHOM™ is the only geo-based real-time presentment platform in the market, and the only vehicle available that allows customers to track their own consumption in real-time. We know that the future is "data in the hands of our customers". We’ve been taught this by Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and the dominance of online banking services. FATHOM™ puts water management tools in customer’s hands. FATHOM™ is the smartgrid for water.

The first step to determine how FATHOM™ will benefit you is to confirm how much it costs you now to provide service to your own customers. Please fill out our Operational Assessment. The Assessment assists us prepare a high-level snapshot of your current cost of service.